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Tezos-k8s is a collection of Helm charts and container images that can be used to deploy Tezos blockchain infrastructure on a Kubernetes cluster.

Use it to deploy:

  • a Tezos node
  • a Tezos RPC service
  • a Tezos baker (coming soon)
  • a Tezos private chain

on your laptop or in a cloud platform such as AWS, Digitalocean or GCP.

Quick start

We assume you have access to a Kubernetes cluster and helm installed (see Prerequisites).

To deploy a Tezos mainnet node:

  1. Add the Tacoinfra Helm chart repository to your local Helm installation:
helm repo add tacoinfra
  1. Install a Tezos node:
helm install tezos-mainnet tacoinfra/tezos-chain \
--namespace tacoinfra --create-namespace

k8s will spin up an Octez node which will download and import a Tezos mainnet tarball. This will take a few minutes.