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Public network node

Connecting to a public net is easy!

(See here for info on snapshots and node history modes)

Simply run the following to spin up a rolling history node:

helm install tezos-mainnet tacoinfra/tezos-chain \
--namespace tacoinfra --create-namespace

Running this results in:

  • Creating a Helm release named tezos-mainnet for your k8s cluster.
  • k8s will spin up one regular (i.e. non-baking node) which will download and import a mainnet snapshot. This will take a few minutes.
  • Once the snapshot step is done, your node will be bootstrapped and syncing with mainnet!

You can find your node in the tacoinfra namespace with some status information using kubectl.

kubectl -n tacoinfra get pods -l appType=octez-node

You can monitor (and follow using the -f flag) the logs of the snapshot downloader/import container:

kubectl logs -n tacoinfra statefulset/rolling-node -c snapshot-downloader -f

You can view logs for your node using the following command:

kubectl -n tacoinfra logs -l appType=octez-node -c octez-node -f --prefix